Counterfeit Policy

Wyatt Whisky Auction reserves the right to refuse consignment if we suspect that any items submitted to us may be counterfeit and this will be at the discretion of Wyatt International Trading Limited employees.

All counterfeits will be rejected and the associated user accounts will be removed immediately. Any counterfeit goods and fraudulent behaviour may be reported to the authorities in that jurisdiction and further legal action may be taken.

As mentioned in the FAQ, we cannot share all of our methods for detecting counterfeit items, however these are a very small proportion of the most basic standard procedure checks that we make on every item.

  • Physical - Each bottle will be scrutinised examining various different things such as font on the label, colour of the liquid, quality of build, bottle fill level, seal integrity, coding, barcodes etc.
  • Comparison - When and where applicable an exact double of the bottle will be sourced from our network.  All of the above physical checks on the lot will then be repeated and compared to the known genuine. If there is any discrepancies the bottle will not be listed or will be removed from auction.
  • Origin - If there is any speculation to that a bottle or lot is counterfeit due diligence will be carried out as to its provenance, through the seller.  If the seller cannot reasonably prove the bottle in question is genuine, it will not be auctioned.

WWA recognises that our members have a vast array of knowledge and we encourage you to get in touch if you suspect any bottle may be fake or counterfeit - please email [email protected].  Any queries we receive in regards to the authenticity of a bottle will be treated confidentially and with the highest importance.

By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions when registering with the site you are making a legal declaration that the items you sell are genuine and you are aware of the implications of attempting to sell counterfeit goods.

Should the seller wish for goods to be returned, they are solely responsible for arranging the shipping of the items to their address.

Any discrepancy will result in the bottle being returned or disposed of at the seller’s expense. WWA does not accept any liability for claims made against counterfeit bottles trying to be sold at auction.