How to sell with us


Selling through the Wyatt Whisky Auction could not be easier.  As collectors ourselves, we feel fees should be low and not complicated.  With this in mind, the fees are as follows:

  1. Sales Fee: 3% on the hammer price for all bottles sold at auction, payable only if the Lot sells. 
  2. Listing Fee: HK$50.00 per item listed.
  3. Reserve Fee: 3% if the you set a reserve price for less than HK$5,000.00. HK$200.00 per item if the reserve price is set at HK$5,000.00 or above. Payable upon consignment of the bottle with WWA and non-refundable.
  4. Storage Fee: First month’s storage is free of charge. Thereafter, the fee will be 3% of the total lot cost payable each month. Payable by the buyer after 1 month’s storage.

Once your item is listed as a lot in the auction you can keep track in the Manage your Lots section under My Account.  This will update in real time so you can see the progress of each lot you enter in real time.  You will also receive an email notifying you of the items you have sold.  This email will contain the invoice for the Sales Fee on each Lot successfully sold.


Register by clicking here. This one-off non-refundable payment allows us to authenticate our users - your potential buyers.  It is our duty to safeguard you against any illegitimate bidders and we take this very seriously.  Registration Fee is HK$50.00.

When registering with the site you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions - (Please make sure you read this before registering).

FREE VALUATION - If you would like some more information of what to expect if you sell a particular bottle at auction please give us a call at +852 5476 6618 / +852 5668 0430 or send us an email by [email protected]  We can provide a free indicative valuation of the bottle you wish to sell. These will be based upon market conditions and past sale values. This is only an indicative valuation and prices may vary.




Register Now

2Bottle Registration

Once registered as a member, you will be able to consign items to the auction.  First, registered members will need to contact WWA with a list of items to consign as well as the information on each item including the name of the item, the reserve price (if applicable) and a time to meet.  Your local point of contact will reply to organise the meeting to inspect the items and to receive the listing fee.  Once the bottles are verified during the meeting, we will charge the consignor listing fee and reserve fee (if any), the consignor will then receive an email confirming the consignment.  Finally the bottles will then be taken to our regional offices where we will assign the lot number, take down the details of the item and take the photos for listing in the auction. 


3Bottle Reserve

Once you have added your lot details, you may wish to add a Reserve Price to your lot.  Adding a reserve to your listing ensures that if your bottle does not meet the reserve price you set, it will not be sold. The reserve fee is charged at HK$200.00 per lot if reserve price is set at HK$5,000.00 or above; 3% if the reserve price is set below HK$5,000.00.

After registering your bottles, we will confirm your entries by email and the associated fees will be attached for your records.

Reserve Prices cannot be higher than 85% of the hammer price of the most recent sale of your bottle. This is to ensure that buyers have a fair chance of winning whisky in the auction and is a measure put in place to stop market manipulation.


4Selecting Transit Method

Bottles can be delivered to us at each of our regional locations -

Hong Kong (Hong Kong Island), Australia (Melbourne), Singapore (Central Region) and UK (Dunkeld).

Please email us at [email protected] and a member of our local teams will be in touch to help you organise delivery.  

Alternatively, if you would like to arrange a pick-up, we can assist you subject to range and availability.  Please email to confirm.

5Seller Payment

Upon completion of the sale of the Lot, you will receive an email with confirmation detailing the final hammer price and the sales fee (3%).  The Sales Fee will be deducted from the hammer price of your item and a payout order will be queued in our system.

If your item has successfully sold, payment is made to the seller within 21 business days.

If you place a reserve on a lot and it does not sell, we can either list it in a subsequent auction (subject to fees) or arrange for delivery back to yourself (subject to delivery charge).