How To Buy


If you are interested in selling whisky on Wyatt Whisky Auction, please contact us as follows:

Phone: +852 5476 6618 or +852 5668 0430

WeChat: CareyLiu_YY

Instagram: @wyatt_whisky_auction

Email: [email protected]

The deadline for bottle submission to be included in our next auction is the 25th of every month. If you have a bottle of whisky that you would like to sell or have valued, please follow the directions below or contact us directly. Items accepted on or before the 25th of every month will be included in the auction starting on the 1st of the next month (1 week later).

1Step 1 - Website Registration

Register by clicking here. Registration Fee is HK$50.00.

This one-off non-refundable payment allows us to authenticate our users. It is our duty to safeguard you against any illegitimate bidders and we take this very seriously.

When registering with the site you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions - (Please make sure you read this before registering).

Register Now

2Step 2 - Live Auctions

Once registered and logged in you can view our live monthly auctions under Auction Directory. Our dates for our next auctions always start at 8PM (HKT) on the 1st of every month and end on the 8th from 8PM onwards.


An email will be sent out to remind registered users that the auction is about to begin.

3Step 3 - Placing your Bid

Members can enter a bid during the live auction under each bottle. Alternatively, you may enter your maximum bid on the lot page and WWA will increase your bid incrementally according to the table below. This does NOT mean your bid will jump to the maximum you set instantly, the software will bid the absolute minimum incremental amount, if bidding against another user, to secure the lot for you.

WWA also uses ‘anti-sniping’ software. This is essential in the interest of fairness and means that if a bid is placed on a lot in the last 15 minutes of a closing auction, that specific bottle type will be extended by a further 15 minutes. This process will continue until no more bids are placed within the 15 minutes. Closing time for our auctions are 8pm HKT. Any bids placed from 7:45 pm onwards will extend that bottle type.

To check your bids, simply go to your My Bids page and they will all be available. If you are outbid, we will send you an email. To win a lot, you must be the highest bidder on a lot when the auction ends and the reserve price must have been met or exceeded.

Our auction is unique in the way that we offer items in multiple countries, this provides a wider selection of world class whisky to bid on. Item location is listed on the Auction Grid view and also on the Lot page.

View Bidding Increments

Minimum Next Bid


HK$0.00 - HK$999.99


HK$1,000.00 - HK$4,999.99


HK$5,000.00 - HK$9,999.99


HK$10,000.00 - HK$49,999.99


HK$50,000.00 - HK$99,999.99


HK$100,000.00 - HK$249,999.99


HK$250,000.00 - HK$999,999.99


HK$1,000,000.00 - HK$9,999,999.99


4Step 4 - Payment

Upon winning a lot you can quickly and easily checkout and pay online through your user account. You will be sent an email outlining the process along with a link to our secure payment page, to complete the purchase. You can select how you wish the bottle to be delivered when checking out.

We accept payment via Bank Transfer/BACS and all major credit/debit cards. For credit card payment, surcharge will apply according to the type of credit card used.

Mastercard/ Visa/ Union Pay: 3%

American Express: 5%

China Union Pay (CUP) Credit Cards: 7%

5Step 5 - Shipping

International Shipping:  Clients shipping overseas can use DHL to fulfil shipment.  However, we recommend organising shipping through your own existing channels and WWA will not be liable for any shipping costs, tax or duties which arise from shipping directly to clients overseas.  Please contact us by email to specify how you would like international shipment to be fulfilled and we will arrange this for you. Local Shipping within Hong Kong will incur a delivery fee of HKD80.00 per bottle. 


Pick-Up: Please arrange a pick up slot with WWA by contacting us via:

Email ([email protected])

Whatsapp (+852 5476 6618/ +852 5668 0430)

WeChat (CareyLiu_YY)