About Us

We moved from Scotland in 2014 and fell in love with Hong Kong - the place we now call home. From these beginnings, Wyatt Trading was founded as a corollary to help our clients source wines and whiskies for their own collections as well as expanding into wholesale as a provider for several retail clients across South East Asia. During WWA's founding year of 2020, we moved aspects of this business online and this auction serves as a liquid marketplace for fellow collectors and industry specialists to come together.  Through our work with several of the wealthiest families in Asia, we have created a brand we are proud of as we bring the whisky branch of our business online.  

Meet the Team

Alastair Valpy - Group Founder & CEO

Born in Cape Town and grew up in Edinburgh before moving to Bordeaux, Alastair studied French and Politics at the University of Bath before pursuing a career in finance in Hong Kong. From this international background, Alastair works with clients in South East Asia and Australia, working across a variety of disciplines including start-ups in Mainland China and Taiwan as well as running Wyatt and looking after his book of clients providing wealth management and asset management services in Hong Kong.

James Valpy - CTO 

The elder of the two brothers, James is a visual creative/engineer that has worked on global tours with Rihanna, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Harry Styles and Queen. James' specialisation in technology and media design as well as his business acumen have pushed Wyatt Trading across platforms reaching different audiences around the world.  He is the heart and soul of the team.

Carey Liu - COO

Carey works in insurance based in Hong Kong and is the Chinese liaison for the company.  She works with clients in Mainland China, Taiwan, the Philippines and Hong Kong and runs the operations for the company - from logistics to corporate events as well as PR.  Carey, James and Alastair work together as the officers of the company to ensure the business is run effectively across different channels.  The enthusiasm and joie de vivre she brings to every project are unmatched.

Dinuk Fernando - Managing Director - Australia

Dinuk has a background in medical sciences and is the chief business analyst and researcher for business development across South East Asia.  He is also the contact for clients who would like to buy and sell whisky and wine in Australia and works with several of the biggest suppliers in the region to provide direct sales for high net worth clients in Sydney and Melbourne.  Based in Melbourne, Dinuk's work ethic is in everything he does, from managing clients to rowing and power lifting.

Ross Garner - Managing Director - Singapore

Having studied law in the UK, Ross moved to Singapore to begin his career where he continues to work in advertising and handles some of the largest accounts in Asia including several of the biggest banks and technology companies in the world.  Ross handles the marketing for Wyatt Trading and is the corporate liaison in Singapore working with clients in the retail sector as well as in sourcing from his background working with whisky companies in the UK. He is fluent in Mandarin and works with clients across Mainland China, Taiwan and Singapore.

Charles Costello - Business Development Manager - East Asia

Charles has worked in international shipping, logistics, manufacturing and sales across the APAC region. He is fluent in Korean and Japanese and was the first collector of rare whiskies in the team, beginning this passion over a decade ago.  Charles is the true connoisseur of the group and has been sourcing whiskies for his own collection as well as for others around the world.  He has an extensive network in the whisky industry and enjoys nothing more than those famous Scottish pastimes of playing golf and drinking whisky.  Charles has been instrumental to the team to provide a much broader understanding of the products as well as the history and heritage of each dram.  

Chelsea Singers - Managing Director - United Kingdom 

Chelsea works with distilleries and collectors in the United Kingdom as well as providing logistical support to Charles & Carey for sourcing whiskies for allocation to clients.  While running several divisions, she is also a keen golfer and runs corporate events and client services for our Asia-based clients travelling to the UK.  Chelsea runs the business in the United Kingdom and is set to expand this to begin coverage in the US market in 2021.


Now that you have met the team, please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions at [email protected].